Bracelet "Embrace"
  • Bracelet "Embrace"
  • Bracelet "Embrace"
  • Bracelet "Embrace"

Bracelet "Embrace"

Bracelet made of olive wood and stainless steel forged by hand in a single piece; Not openable: it has a closed rigid structure.

The bracelet is basically the model of a large-scale sculpture. The steel part wraps in a protective gesture the veritable bracelet made of olive wood, and ends with an ovoid shape that resembles an olive.

It 'a sculpture for the body that wants to remind everyone how much we depend on our territory.

Material: olive wood and stainless steel.

Weight: 30 gr / 1 oz.

Size: internal diameter: 65 mm / 2.56 in; external diameter: 86 mm / 3.39 in.

Reproducible in two days but never identical: this bracelet is the result of the craftsman's work and it depends also on the wood grains, always different from one another, just as our fingerprints.


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