Trunk lamp with roots

Trunk lamp with roots

Floor lamp made from a pine trunk, with aluminum base.

This floor lamp is made from a pine trunk fell after a strong storm. The trunk was drilled along the length to allow insertion of a stem with an aluminum base. It was subsequently treated with a protective clear finish, and was applied a lampshade.

Suitable in any environment, it's an article of great effect.

No two trees are the same: this is a unique piece.

Materials: pine wood and aluminum.

Dimensions: H180 x Ø (base) 20 cm x Ø (shade) 40 cm (70.9 x 7.9 x 15.75 in).

Weight: 13 kg (2 st).

Unique piece not reproducible.


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    €190.00 Bench
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    €280.00 Root lamp
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    €400.00 Trunk floor lamp
  5. Root framework
    €450.00 Root framework
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