Wind Star table

Wind Star table

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Small wooden table made with the marquetry technique, with various fine wood types.

Wooden table made by hand using the technique of marquetry.


Model 1: the table size is one meter in diameter.

The entire table is composed of 280 pieces of wood glued together.

Wood varieties used: wenge (fine black wood), European maple (off-white wood), cabreuva incienso (fine and very rare wood, with a characteristic smell of incense when worked), oak (light-brown wood with darker grains) and doussié, also known as afzelia (reddish fine wood, native to the african countries on the Gulf of Guinea).

The height of the table is of 80 cm, each foot is composed of 304 wooden cubes joined together, the wood types used to make the feet are: oak and doussié.


Model 2: the dimensions of the table are of 110 centimeters in diameter.

The entire table is composed of 1217 pieces of wood glued together.

Wooden varieties used: afromosia (or African teak, fine light-brown wood used for the wind star), European maple (off-white wood), wenge (fine black wood native to Africa), mahogany, padouk (precious wood deep red color), niangon (wood coming from Liberia brownish color, used for the edge of the table).

The height of the table is of 82 centimeters, each foot is composed of 540 cubes of wood glued together. wood varieties used for the feet: wenge, maple and niangon.

Model 1: wengè, european maple, cabreuva incienso, oak and doussiè.
Model 2: afromosia, european maple, wengè, mahogany padouk and niangon.

Model 1: Ø 94cm/37in - H 80cm/31.5in.
Model 2: Ø 110cm/43.3in - H 80cm/31.5in.

Model 1: 16kg / 35lbs.
Model 2: 20kg / 44.1lbs. 


Reproducible: model 1 within 24 days, model 2 within 35 days.

The reproduction is always slightly different due to the unique wood grains and the manual work of the artisan.


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