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Wooden chessboard handcrafted, with drawer and chess included.

Wooden chessboard handcrafted using various wood types, built with a drawer to store the chess (included). 

Chessboard Model 1 has been made using: beech (very hard wood, off-white color, native to Europe), merbau (brownish color wood, from Asia) and wengé (valuable black wood, native to tropical Africa).

Chessboard Model 2 has been made using: oak (very strong and tough, color light brown), beech and mahogany (fine wood, brownish color, native only to America).

Materials: beech, merbau and wengè for model 1. Beech, oak and mahogany for model 2.

Dimensions: 13,5x40x40 cm / 5.3x15.8x15.8 in.

Weight: 9.5 kg / 21 lbs.


Reproducible within three days. The reproduction is always slightly different due to the unique wood grains and the manual work of the artisan.


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