WAR necklace
  • WAR necklace
  • WAR necklace

WAR necklace

Rigid necklaces made of wood with metal detail.

Two different necklaces, one in Wenge wood with stainless steel detail, the other in olive wood with brass detail.


These jewels have been carved from a single piece of wood; sculptural forms, the war series - which also includes the cuff - is inspired by the war jewel that should terrify the enemy.

Today this jewel externalizes in wood shape the most decisive part of our character, necessary to successfully face the trials that life holds for us.

Materials: wengé and stainless steel / olive wood and brass.

Ø internal: 11 cm / 4.33 in.

Weight: 80 grams / 2.8 oz.


Reproducible within three days. Every reproduction is slightly different due to the manual work of the craftsman and the different wood grains.


  1. Bracelet "Embrace"
    €244.00 Bracelet "Embrace"
  2. Price:
  3. Ring Black roots 2
    €110.00 Ring Black roots 2
  4. Bracelet Claw
    €342.00 Bracelet Claw
  5. Steel Drop
    €244.00 Steel Drop
  6. Price:


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