Square Pillow Beltula with flowers decorum and high band

Square Pillow Beltula with flowers decorum and high band

Cotton, gros grain e canvas pillow. Removable with zip. padding lining 100% polyamide, padding 100% polyester fiber.

The fabric of this pillow takes its name from the Sardinian beltula, that is the saddlebag.

Originally the saddlebag grew out of the shepherd and the farmer's need to be able to carry food and utensils with ease.

Probably the first beltulas came from the intuition of the home weavers who were able to weave this type of tissue from the drawing-in of the needle work. Still it continues to be made manually on the horizontal frame.

Passion is the key to describe these objects, the result of an experiment that combines fabrics of the Sardinian tradition color lines and innovative models. These works are the combination of practicality and design, conceived to meet the needs of everyday life.

Material: cotton, gros grain and cotton canvas.
Dimensions: 60cm/23,6in x 60cm/23,6in x 15cm/5,9in.
Weight: 1,380kg/48,6oz.

Reproducible in 15 days.

Every reproduction is different from the previous one because it is the result of artisan handiwork.

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