Ring "Cheope"
  • Ring "Cheope"
  • Ring "Cheope"
  • Ring "Cheope"

Ring "Cheope"

Wearable microsculpture - Work of art - limited edition (8 pieces), silver 925-2016.

The ring:

Inspired by primitive shapes of the Pyramids of Giza. The Ring "Cheope" is designed to evoke the infinite archaic wisdom, it wants offer a space where meet throughout the contemplation of light.
The Eye of Horus, the celestial deities, it composed the frieze, once the preserve of the Pharaohs and still auspicious symbol of vitality and prosperity.

The collection:

Luxury, Art and Elegance give life to "Rebus Collection", an authentic collection of wearable microsculptures unmistakable design by Vito Gurrado.
The rings "Cheope", "Shalom" and "Nibiru" are produced in Italy by wise and ancient goldsmith techniques in 925 silver.
The design, processing and entirely handcrafted finishing ensure the exclusivity of all creation.
At their base, an elegant engraving allows you to easily adjust the fit.

Materials: silver 925
Dimensions: 3cm/1,1in x 2,3cm/0,9in.
Ring measure 12 (can be modified by a goldsmith).
Weight: 22gr/0,77oz

Not reproducible.


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