Mosaic Bowl L
  • Mosaic Bowl L
  • Mosaic Bowl L
  • Mosaic Bowl L

Mosaic Bowl L

Bowl strictly handmade by using ancient techniques, single piece. Scented with essential oils with a delicate fragrance.

The bowl represents the woman for its concave shape, the inner man is the candle that burns with passion, while the internal water is common sense. That's all you need to keep them together and never get hurt.

You will be kidnapped by the transparency of the candle and its play of light. Not only it will keep you company with the warmth of its light but it will be a very elegant piece of furniture.

It comes with a small candle kit. Be careful to pour some water in the bowl, but don't make the candle float: it will prevent the heat of the flame to melt the wax of the bowl.

Material: wax

Dimensions: Ø36 cm (14.2 in) x H15 cm (5.9 in).

Peso: 4,7 Kg / 10.3 lbs

Reproducible in 5 days.




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